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Aren't all the cool kids using static site generators these days?

So I’ve yet again decided to re-design my site. I think it’s healthy to freshen things up from time to time. More importantly, this time, I’ve also removed the need to use a database. While I love the CMS I started building using the Lithium Framework for PHP, I decided it wasn’t the right fit for me. I’ve used and contributed to many CMS’ over the past 12 years. I’ve also looked into the new age CMS’ such as Ghost, but ultimately decided none of those were the right fit either. I’m just an individual so the team features didn’t make sense. I don’t want users to log in anywhere or use a database at all. I do hope to have guest bloggers, but I can copy and paste their articles into a file just as easily, previewing it locally before publishing it live.

I’m moving more into Go these days and while I still code PHP every day (and like Node.js and the idea of Ghost), I just wanted something easier. Faster. More light-weight. I didn’t want to worry about my database going on down or my server at all really. I even thought about hosting on GitHub or Amazon S3.

I decided to keep a small web server with Digital Ocean because $5/mo. is pretty darn cheap to be frank. So while it would have been nice to get free hosting, I’m happy for the ability to do more should I need to. The site is completely static now though. I even cached the older versions and archived them as plain HTML. So really now, no database at all! Crazy, I know.

Hugo is a static site generator built with Go. I like it so far, I dove right in and built a theme which I then made freely available should anyone be interested. It’s a great tool and uses markdown or HTML. So I’m set.

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