About Me

I’m a designer, web developer, marketer, data lover, and photographer all rolled into one. My interests and passions are sprinkled throughout my career. When you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. Isn’t that what they say, right? Well, I think it’s true.

I went to college for graphic design at the School of VISUAL ARTS in New York where I earned my BFA in Graphic Design. Since then I’ve designed various printed materials (including an entire magazine), web sites, and more. The web site design part is what led me to web development. I enjoy using a variety of web languages notably; PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and Go, among others.

I’ve contributed to various open source projects and owe the open source community a lot. I firmly believe in the importance and value of free software (and education). I’ve also authored various open source projects and tools myself. I enjoy going to and speaking at meetups and conferences.

I’ve built many web sites and applications; some of which that needed to support hundreds of millions of users. I’ve also built a lot of “microsites” and social media campaigns for large brands. Most of my web development has been for advertising and marketing. A lot of work in the entertainment industry.

My current area of research is with social media analytics. I’m fascinated by analyzing the data and connecting the dots. I’ve created an algorithm to measure virality, you can read more about that on ViralityScore.com. I’m also working on an open source social media analytics platform called Social Harvest.

The one thing I don’t really do for money is photography. I’m trying to keep that passion for myself at the moment. You can see some of my photographs on Flickr if you like.